Warning – Do Not Read if Easily Offended

WARNING! This report may offend, so if

you are of a sensitive nature please stop



… don’t say I didn’t warn you.


Out of the many people on my mailing list(s)

quite a few get in touch with me, especially as

I don’t hide behind a ‘no reply’ email



Some of my mailing list just want some

simple advice, some want more and seem

to expect me to offer hours of my time

for free, some like to send me abuse

because I dared to hit their button with

my reports, and some are desperate and

tell me ‘I’m desperate and will do

anything, show me how?’


The thing is, while 100% of my

subscribers want to be successful, I

would estimate less than 5% are

prepared to do what it takes.


If you agree with any of these

statements then I guarantee you will

struggle online.


#1. “I want to become a success online,

but I don’t want to invest any money to

become a better entrepreneur.”


#2. “I want to become a success online,

but I don’t have any time to learn



#3. “I want to become a success online,

but I don’t have anything of value to

teach people and I’m not willing to

learn something of value to teach.”


#4. “I want to become a success online

and I will do whatever it takes, unless

it involves actual work.


#5. “I want to become a success online,

but everything out there is a scam.”


If you REALLY want to make 5, 6 or

7 figures as a successful online

marketer, then you have to REALLY

give all you can give.


– You need to be prepared to work

harder than most people.


– You need to help others as much as



– You need to invest in the right tools

and training..


– You need to step up and become the

person you need to be to make this



– You need to treat this like a

business, not a hobby.


– You need to stop blaming others

for your lack of success.


If you want to bitch, whine and

complain about how you have no money,

no time and no value to give PLEASE

PLEASE PLEASE get out of this game

because it’s not for you..


You are not an entrepreneur until you

can take responsibility for your

actions, you need to step up, man up

and grow up. You need to look in the

mirror and realise that the ONE big

thing stopping you is YOU. You need to

get out of your own way.


If this email offends you, or you want

to send me an angry response, or want

to click the unsubscribe button because

I said something that hurt, then you

are not an entrepreneur, you are an

excuse maker blaming everyone and

everything but yourself for your lack

of action, rather than taking full

responsibility for your current

circumstances and results.


You can change everything, but you

need to want it, you need to be prepared

to step up and take action.


If I’ve motivated you with this email

then good, as that was my intention. I

know it will offend some and this email

will cost me a ton of unsubscribes, but

that’s okay as I probably can’t help

people who can’t help themselves.


However, if you are prepared to help

yourself, and if you want to learn

better ways to help more people, and

get results faster, and you’re prepared

to invest time and money to learn this.


Then get on this webinar and and let

John Thornhill show you how to truly

succeed online, step by step.


I promise that you won’t regret it.




Until next time…


Zedrick Garrison


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