Here’s Why Every Newbie Affiliate is Doomed to Fail

Many people get told that affiliate

marketing is the best way to get

started online, and it does sound

very attractive.


We get told we don’t have to deal

with angry customers, we don’t have

to create a product, in fact, all

we have to do is send some traffic,

then bank the cash.


Sounds great, right?




You see, when you promote something

as an affiliate, you only get to

keep a limited portion of the

profits, usually 50%.


Plus you don’t build a list, and

you can only make money from your

own efforts.


That’s why most would be affiliates

give up before they earn their

first cent.


This is why the most successful

online marketers, sell their own

products, and then promote products

from the lists they build from

selling their own products.


When you sell your own products,

you get to keep 100% of the profits

from the sales you make, and you

aren’t the only one driving the

traffic, you can have an army of

affiliates promote for you.


Now it doesn’t take a rocket

scientist to see that selling your

own products is more profitable.


“But I wouldn’t know where to



That’s where John Thornhill comes



Allow me to explain.


If you want to master one thing

that will lead to your success



John launched his first product

back in 2004, and since then he has

launched hundreds of his own

products that have generated

millions in sales.


And every single thing he has

learned since then is covered in a

brand new webinar he’s running.


On this webinar, you will learn

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This is the ultimate 24/7 automated

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Until Next Time


Zedrick Garrison

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