About Me

Well, what can I tell you about me? My name is Zedrick Garrison I am an Internet Market that is learning each and every day how to be a Super Internet Marketing. This business is all I think about day and night since I retired in 2016 due to health reason.

Business FinanceYou see in 2016 I did have a job but you see these germs came alone and attack my body now did you see what I wrote. I said my body not me, cause I wasn’t going down like that. Those germs are call cancer, so I had to have an operation so they went in and cut some of those bad germs out of my body but they couldn’t get it all of them but for the grace of GOD I am still here.

So now I can’t work but I am at that age anyway so I am retired and I have always wanted to have my own business and I started to studying Internet Market and I just fell in love with it so, that all, I do now is work on my Internet Market Business and I love it.

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